We move your product into the spot light

Professional, freestanding merchandize and product presentations require display systems that optically emphasize the differentiating attributes of the products. Especially in the middle of a room, where the eye gets easily distracted, displays magically attract the attention of visitors and customers. Since shop floors and products can differ substantially, presentation systems have to be tailored to both the product’s and the rooms attribute to optimally set your product apart. This can be realized in the form of a stand-alone rack at the POS on the shop floor, a floor display in the show room or an appealing presentation at the trade fair stand.

A freestanding display always requires a 360-degree presentation. The display has to be able to set the product into the right light from every possible angle. Only high-quality display systems can openly present products to all sides while leaving a lasting positive impression. Depending on the type of merchandize you want to sell or present, we develop a customized concept setting your product into the center of attention and creating a fitting ambience.

A floor display is not only a sales rack for your products; it is a versatile presentation with a sales talent. As a sales display it advertises your products by presenting them in a structured, appealing manner to create sustainable success at the POS. A wooden display made of natural wood or chipboard gives an especially exclusive impression. It gains the appreciation your product deserves and is optimally suited as a permanent display.

Because attention is the most beautiful form of recognition for an advertisement display, we use our customized solutions to exploit all the space a room has to offer. We create product-focused sales displays that catch the eye according to your wishes. If the display design will be stylish or traditional is determined by you, your corporate image and your products.

High-quality materials and reliable processing ensure the quality and long life of our freestanding displays. Independently of the desired use, these displays are designed for long term use. The challenge of offering the matching freestanding display system for every conceivable purpose and environment is one we gladly accept. No matter if you require a sales display for your shop, an advertisement display for a trade fair, or a long-term display for your best-selling product line – We always find an suitable solution for your freestanding product presentations.