No second chance for the first impression. Especially at the point of sale (P.O.S.)

 No matter if you sell china, textiles, illuminant, you name it.

An attractive presentation of your products is a key condition for your success.
Are your goods overlooked? Don’t they live up to their potential? Does your brand disappear between the masses of competitors?

We develop, design and produce a holistic, ongoing presentation concept so that your goods receive the attention they deserve and you accomplish your sales-objectives.

Our custom made designs for all kinds of product groups combine outstanding presentation with convenient shelving – catching the eye and filling the cart of your customer.

Our high-precision machinery permits us to integrate timber, sheet material, textiles, glass, and synthetics into a display unit tailored exactly to your needs. On top of developing and producing your display units we are happy to already equip them with your merchandise. Once fully equipped, we offer direct shipping and installation of your displays to their respective POS, saving you the time and costs to organize and execute the distribution.

 Isenberg Displays: Design, production, equipment, shipping, installation – we do everything to set your product in place so that you can focus on making it perfect.